Integrated Bug Net

Discover the outdoors with peace of mind with the Travel Hammock with Integrated Bug Net. This lightweight, portable hammock safeguards you against a myriad of bugs, including mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-um bugs.

Designed for solo adventurers, this hammock incorporates a high-quality bug net permanently attached to the upper trim. Accessible via a zipper on the opposite trim, it offers bug-free relaxation at your fingertips.

The hammock includes a suspension system comprising two tree straps with adjustment loops and two aluminum carabiners, facilitating easy setup and takedown. Alongside, the carry bag makes transportation a breeze.

Ideal for camping, trekking, or a trip to the beach, it’s equally perfect for a peaceful day in your backyard or the park.

The Travel Hammock with Integrated Bug Net – an outdoor essential, for uninterrupted leisure.

Key Features:

  • ● Lightweight and Portable Design.
  • ● Integrated Bug Net for Protection.
  • ● Suspension System with Tree Straps and Aluminum Carabiners.
  • ● Includes Carry Bag for Easy Transportation.
  • ● Suitable for Camping, Trekking, and Leisure Use.


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