Rain Tarp

Stay prepared for any weather with our Rain Tarp, designed to enhance your hammock experience. Be it the blazing sun or a sudden shower, this tarp ensures you remain undisturbed. Suitable for all hammock types, it features a 6-point anchor system for an easy No-Knots-Needed setup.

Crafted from RipStop fabric, the Rain Tarp is robust and tear-resistant. This fabric employs thicker threads woven at regular intervals, resulting in a sturdy, reliable shelter.

For added convenience, the tarp includes practical compartments at each corner to stow the fastening cords. It also comes with four premium, bright red aluminum ground stakes, easy to spot even at night.

With the Rain Tarp, secure your relaxation against the whims of weather.

Key Features:

  • ● Suitable for all hammock types.
  • ● Easy No-Knots-Needed 6-point anchor system.
  • ● Robust, tear-resistant RipStop fabric.
  • ● Practical compartments for cord storage.
  • ● Includes four bright red aluminum ground stakes.


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